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Open School BC (2008) Kindermath Module. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

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The activities in the module are not intended to be used as
worksheets, but rather opportunities to help the student develop problem solving skills through reasoning and talking. The oral component is very important in the new curriculum. Students need to talk about their thinking and learning in math. Each lesson has two important sections that will ensure a well-rounded approach to learning mathematics. First, there is the Focus for Today section. Second, it is very important to pay attention to the pre-activity entitled Starting Off, which practices the basic learning that is needed for the concept. An Activity follows, which has the student practising and demonstrating the skill. Last, a Finishing Off activity may be suggested which provides extra practice. The assessment section will be found at the back of the Kindermath Module. This section is to be done orally with your student and will be used by the teacher to assess your student’s progress in math. Please complete the
interview with the student and submit it with the Checklist.

Item Type: Teaching/Learning Resource
Learning outcomes: It provides effective questioning techniques to guide the student in mathematical thinking.
Search terms: Maths, Develop problem solving skills, Reasoning and talking.
Subjects: Mathematics
Level: Subject Resources > Lower primary/Primary/Foundation Phase (e.g. Years 1-3)
Program: Kindergarten Mathematics Module
Access: Open
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