Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice Notes from the Trenches of Distance Education

Burge, Elizabeth (Liz) and Gibson, Chère Campbell and Gibson, Terry, eds. (2011) Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice Notes from the Trenches of Distance Education. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

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Flexibility has become a watchword in modern education, but its implementation is by no means a straightforward matter. Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice sheds light on the often taken-for-granted assumptions that inform daily practice and examines the institutional dynamics that help and hinder efforts toward flexibility.

Item Type: Teaching/Learning Resource
Learning outcomes: Understanding about What precisely is flexible learning? Who or what is driving the flexibility agenda, and for whose benefit? And who or what is resisting it? What challenges must be overcome in order to achieve flexibility, and what are some of the compromises it can entail?
Search terms: Education, Online, Pedagogy
Subjects: Education-Traditional and online learning
Level: General ODFL guidelines and resources
Program: The experience of specialists in distance education from North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Japan.
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