Curriculum in Development

Thijs, Annette and van den Akker, Jan, eds. (2009) Curriculum in Development. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

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Curriculum in development. The title of this book refers to both the dynamic discussions that continuously take place across a wide range of curricular issues and the evolutionary thinking about concepts and approaches in curriculum development. Changes in society constantly demand new knowledge and skills and require the continuous development of our educational system. How do the processes of curriculum development evolve? What actually is a curriculum? And how to ensure the quality of curricular products? This book will focus on these questions. What started as an endeavour to summarize our knowledge base about curriculum
development for our colleagues at SLO may also provide teachers, educators, policymakers, and other parties involved in educational development with a clear and concise introduction into the tricks of the trade of curriculum development. The book discusses basic concepts in curriculum development and presents useful frames
of thinking and strategies. The notions presented in this book, edited by us on the basis of contributions by various SLO colleagues, will continue to develop over the coming years. No doubt, there will be subsequent versions.

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