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Mitra, Sugata (2020) Children and the Internet:Learning in the Times to Come. Journal of Learning for Development, 7 (3).


Commonwealth of Learning (2020) Guidelines on Distance Education during COVID-19. Other. Commonwealth of Learning, Canada.

Commonwealth of Learning (2020) Report of the Regional Focal Points Meeting - Pacific. Other. Commonwealth of Learning.

Commonwealth of Learning and Universal Basic Education Commission (2020) Towards an open schooling model for Nigeria. Discussion Paper. Commonwealth of Learning. (Unpublished)

Rajasekaran, Subhashini and Reyes, Joel (2020) Back to School Pathways for Reengagement of Out-of-School Youth in Education. Technical Report. The World Bank, Washington.


Global Education Monitoring Report Team (2020) Global education monitoring report, 2020: Inclusion and education: all means all. UNESCO, France.

Illowsky, Barbara and Dean, Susan and Birmajer, Daniel and Blount,, Bryan and Boyd, Sheri and Einsohn, Matthew and Helmreich, James and Kenyon, Lynette and Lee, Sheldon and Taub, Jeff (2020) Statistics - High school. Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Peter Urone, Paul and Hinrichs, Roger and Tabor, Catherine and Gozuacik, Fatih and Pattison, Denise (2020) Physics - High School. Texas Education Agency (TEA). ISBN 13: 978-1-951693-21-3


Mays, Tony (2020) The need for and nature of open schooling. [Video]

Teaching/Learning Resource

The National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER) (2020) CLASS 12 Economics - Introductory Macroeconomics Open Economy Macroeconomics. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Abdurrahaman, Y (2020) 1.1.2 Mathematics for Junior Secondary:Counting in millions. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Abdurrahaman, Y and Ishaku, L and Jibril, A (2020) 1.1.1 Mathematics for Junior Secondary: Counting in thousands. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.1 Mathematics for Upper Primary:Multiples of numbers. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.2 Mathematics for Upper Primary: Common multiples of two numbers. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.3 Mathematics for Upper Primary: Lowest common multiples (LCM) of two numbers. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.4 Mathematics for Upper Primary:Mathematics for Upper Primary. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.5 Mathematics for Upper Primary: Common factors of numbers. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.6 Mathematics for Upper Primary: Highest common factor of two digit numbers (H.C.F). [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.7 Mathematics for Upper Primary: Words problems on HCF and LCM. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) 1.2.8 Mathematics for Upper Primary: Quantitative reasoning problems on LCM and HCF. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Adamu, M (2020) Basic units of measurement of capacity. [Teaching/Learning Resource] (Unpublished)

Commonwealth of Learning (2020) Strategies for Blended TVET In Response to COVID-19. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Commonwealth of Learning (2020) Towards more Resilient Schooling: Possible Models for the Future. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

FIT-ED (Coalition Secretariat) with Coalition members Education (2020) Teacher’s Guide for Remote Learning During School Closures and Beyond. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Goodell, Jim and Kessler, Aaron (2020) Science of Remote Learning (Beta version). [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Isah, A (2020) 2. Lessons for Junior Secondary Level: Public Health. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Ishaku, L (2020) 1.1.4 Mathematics for Junior Secondary:Counting in trillions. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Salmanu, Y (2020) 1.1.5- English lessons for Junior Secondary level - Reading road signs. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

Salmanu, Y and Madaki, A M (2020) 1.2.1- English lessons for Junior Secondary level - Writing to show main ideas. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Educ and Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University (2020) Handbook on Facilitating Flexible Learning During Educational Disruption: The Chinese Experience in Maintaining Undisrupted Learning in COVID-19 Outbreak. [Teaching/Learning Resource]

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